1. I was just on your blog and like a week ago someone said you're anti-sj. if you're anti-sj, what are you pro? (this is a legitimate question).
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    Anti-sj is kind of a term that sounds more extreme than it is and probably also doesn’t cover what most anti-sj blogs or people that agree with it are about. 

    We’re not anti social justice, or against help and equality or anything like that. We’re anti the aggressive counterproductive “pseudo helping” attitude that sometimes runs rampant on tumblr under the guise of social justice. It just became kind of easy to call the people against that anti-sj and most blogs ran with it.

    So for the record, I’m not against social justice itself, I’m against the toxic and stupid tumblr brand. Let’s see if I can find a few examples real quick.








    [safety is now discrimination]






    Or that time that people running a blog all about how white people food is shit and stupid accidentally made fun of asian food on there and quickly apologized because you can’t insult asian food it was only garbage if it was white.

    Or that time death treats were sent towards a innocent tumblr blogger who posted a photo of herself in a kimono because she was “culturally appropriating” despite if being a gift from her host family abroad.

    Or that time that there was a news report about the death of a white 9 year old boy over racial bullying and people responded with “cry more white tears”

    Or every single time when someone claims to be offended and it’s used as a excuse to bully or threaten everyone who opposes them. And then saying that you are silencing and tone policing if people object to hostile bullying behavior. 

    Or absolutely annihilating anyone over something offensive they’ve said in the past and deeming people problematic and trash because god nobody ever makes a mistake or says something wrong ever in their lives, right?

    Basically the toxic attitude that isn’t helping anyone and has driven people away from good causes. No room for debate, questioning things isn’t allowed. Hiding behind social justice as a shield of immunity in general and abusing that. Seeking problems behind everything and using it as an excuse for abuse, aggression, restricting and bullying.

    That is what I am against.

    This is the most beautiful post I’ve ever seen. I almost want to cry.

    Look at all the notes :)

    I just gotta know why tumblr thinks all straight-white people are bad? Or, being discriminated against even in mundane situations. Not all of us are out to eat your face or…whatever.

    tumblr is becoming very hostile, especially to those of us who were trying to use it for art and a place to connect to others, regardless of disagreements. I blame Yahoo.

  2. A survey: is it REALLY a big deal that kids bring religious material to school to read in their free time?

    I mean, seriously. I understand there is a disparity between Christians and non-Christians, but if they’re not standing on tables preaching hate, hellfire and how all people are going to die bloody in the ‘end’, then what’s the big deal? I say let them read whatever, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their studies and as long as it doesn’t cause a disruption…and as long as people of other faiths are allowed to read their texts in school during free time. Or if you’re an atheist, read whatever the hell you want. 

    There’s a story floating around about how a second grader was told not to bring her bible to school. I mean, I guess I can understand that she’s young and probably doesn’t understand what she’s reading but at least she’s reading? And the King James version of the bible is one tough text and may even help her read better.

    I know this is a tenuous subject but I am curious about how others feel about it. 

  3. This is me right now. about to be 30. THE WORLD IS ENDING!

    This is me right now. about to be 30. THE WORLD IS ENDING!

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  4. Enters softly hey I really like the way you color hair and I would like to know ur secret if you don't mind givin me a lil low down on what you do if you have time ily
    -by Anonymous


    here is the low down ..4 U


    1. start with ur flats obv (im really off my game 2day) here are the settings i used for lineart

    2. airbrush in lighter and darker colors

    3. with a dark color add basic shadows, it honestly doesnt matter how messy you make em (any kind of brush works, i prefer hardbrushes tho)

    4. (this is all on the same layer btw) with a marker brush just start doing, idk, this kinda shit, where you’re stroking down and then upward (its hard to explain sorry) this is the marker brush i used

    5. with ur hardbrush, just add darker shadows

    6. using your marker, smooth em out a lil, add shines, color your linework (you can stop at this step if the next couple ones arent your cup of tea)

    7. now we’re painting over the whole drawing, so make a new layer and just paint over it as obnoxiously as you can, i mainly use a hardbrush and the marker, add the background color to the hair as well idk yolo

    8. lower the opacity of this layer to like %60, whatever strikes your fancy

    9. add an orange overlay layer and ur done, i hope this didnt suck


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